Turn Your Car Into Your Side Hustle

Earn cash every month to wrap your car and drive as usual.

Times are tough

But they really don't have to be.

We're paying everyday South Africans every month to wrap their cars and drive like they normally do.

Simple as that. 🚘💰

How much? Enough to get you a full tank of petrol or a new pair of sneakers or whatever you damn well please!

It's a Pretty Sweet Deal.

It Costs Nothing

We charge the businesses advertising, not you - the driver.
We'll never take your money, only give.

No Social Media

We aren't taking over you lives - we're just branding your car.
We'll never require you to post your car or brand on social media. We're cool like that.

We Come to You

Our talented team of application magicians come to your home or office to apply your wrap.
Honestly, you'll hardly even notice them - magic.

No Damage. Period.

You car will not be damaged, guaranteed. We use the best vinyl wraps.
If anything, we help protect your car from chips, scratched and the African sun.

How it works



Fill in the application form and we'll let you know if you qualify as a driver.


Matched with a Brand

We'll match you to a suitable brand and finalise the campaign.


Get Your Car Wrapped

Our talented application team will come to you and wrap your car.
Niiiice and pretty.



Live and drive as usual.


Money in the bank!

We'll deposit your earnings straight into your account at the end of every month.

What other Drivers are saying...

Motion is so easy... it's free money!
I can't say anything bad. I will tell my Uber driver friends.

Tumi M. - Uber driver

From signing up to getting my car wrapped to getting matched with an advertiser to getting the wrap removed, it was never inconvenient.

Gabi S. - Student


Does it damage my car?

Absolutely not!
We use the best of the best vinyl wraps ensuring there is no damage whatsoever to your car.
We take this seriously.

What do I need to qualify as a Motion Driver?

1) Hold a South African Driver’s license
2) Have a clean driving and criminal record
3) Currently own or lease a vehicle in clean and damage free condition.

How do you guys make money?

We charge our partner businesses a monthly fee for wrapping your car in their branding.

Contact us

Any more Q's, just send us a message here.

Ready to get started?

We'd love to have ya!